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Blog writing rule 1: Post a catchy headline to draw in reader's interest. not to sound arrogant, but I think I nailed it

Blog writing rule 2: Pick mouth watering topic. This blog post is about writing a blog post (i.e.juicy, exhilarating and inspiring among other such words you may find in a thesaurus)

Blog writing rule 3: Add photos / images. I found this stock photo of someone typing on a laptop. Great focus on the hands with a gradient gradually blurring the background. Looks very blog-esque. Although in my opinion the photo looks more like the person is struggling to use the keyboard's track pad. But who am I to judge. Also, really hard to tell the make of the above laptop. If I squint hard enough it might say Dell...Lenovo?...Toshiba maybe? Now I'm actually quite curious. I digress...

Blog writing rule 4: Stay on topic. Sorry I got a little side tracked with rule 3. Good thing rule 4 was there to help me refocus my thoughts. So writing....

I think after having a stab at blog writing based on the above golden rules (which may or may not have been attained from reputable sources), I think I am ready to publish my first blog post!

But in all seriousness, I really just wanted to start a blog to share my love of art. How was that latest exhibition at the TATE? Where do I get my inspiration from? What drives me to create?

Although I am new to this whole blog thing (see above), I wanted to give it a stab and see what comes of it. This is primarily because of:

Blog writing rule 5: A year from now you'll wish you'd started one. Now we can't have that can we?

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