5 BROs who grew MOs

"The growing and manicuring of hair on one's upper lip, usually by an adult male. Also referred to as a crumb catcher, thigh tickler, and nose neighbour"

Well as yesterday marked the last day of MOvember I thought it would be appropriate to share with you some of my favourite artist moustaches through the ages. Let's meet the crew:

Salvador Dali: thin, iconic, and waxed to perfection

One of the most recognised artists of all time, Dali is best known for his melting clocks, eccentric personality, and of course: his moustache. OH and that time he drove around town in a Bentley filled to the brim with cauliflower....or that time he gave a lecture wearing a deep sea diving suit...or that time he got expelled from art school for claiming no one was competent enough to evaluate his work.....

Favourite Works: Soft self portrait with fried bacon; Sleep; Eggs on the Plate without the Plate....I could go on but the list is going to get long real quick

Piet Mondrian: horizontal moustache, vertical goatee

So meet the pioneer of the de Stijl movement, Piet Mondrian. Influenced by cubism and abstraction, he simplified the styles further creating what he called Neo-Plasticism. The method: White canvas. Primary colours. Black horizontal and vertical lines. No diagonals. Pure. Clean. Harmonious.

Q: What's black and white and yellow, blue and red all over?

A: A Mondrian Composition!

Okay sorry for the bad joke....

Favourite Work: Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red

Diego Velázquez: thick and luscious

Born Diego Rodríguez de Silva Velázquez, the man is considered as the "Beethoven" of the arts (I sort of made this up but I think the comparison is fairly accurate). Velazquez, a child prodigy, started painting at a very early age, and is described as one of the most influential painters of his time.

Artists such as Dali, Picasso and Bacon have reproduced Velazquez's most famous works (in their own unique styles) as homage to him, meanwhile Manet has described Velazquez as ""the painter of painters."

Favourite Work: Innocent X

Vincent van Gogh: Full and bushy

Regarded as one of the greatest Dutch painters, alongside Rembrandt, Van Gogh is known for many things. His thick and flowing brushstrokes. His use of vivid colours. His ability to make a landscape dance and come alive. His quarrel with Gaugin that resulted in him cutting off his own ear...

Regardless of how you want to remember him, you cannot deny his influence on modern painting